Recently the “rules of the game” have changed

The idea that golf is an exclusively male game is hopelessly outdated. Now it is fashionable to improve the quality of your life, try yourself in new sports, look for new activities from which you recover energetically, combine hobbies, the opportunity to communicate with friends and meet “quality” men.

Many people think that only elderly pensioners play this game, because they are not capable of anything else. They walk with difficulty, move around the field in electric cars, do nothing but drink whiskey and smoke cigars. Is it so? Of course not! Let’s find out more about this fashion trend among women – the passion for the game.

For the first time women declared themselves in 1950

When was the Women’s Professional Golf Association established? Since then, women’s golf has become more and more popular, prestigious tournaments are held, the prize pools of which are growing year by year. The women’s association has its own rating, its own rules, its own champions.

A striking example is the beautiful Michelle Wie, winner of the Laureus World Sports Awards in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination. She started playing this game at the age of 4, at the age of 10 she participated in the first amateur tournament, at 13 – in the competitions of the Women’s Professional Golf Association. Now Michelle is 27, and she is already being called woman version of the famous Tiger Woods.
Nike signed a multi-million dollar contract with the girl, but, nevertheless, her name is known to a rather narrow circle of people. Perhaps soon women will become world famous, but for now golf (at least for most people) remains an exclusively male sport.

Some facts to motivate you to start playing golf

A round of the game lasts 4-5 hours. Approximately so much time is required for the player to complete 18 holes. Usually played in groups of 2-4 people. Now imagine that you are in the same company with a person from the Forbes list for 4-5 hours. Is this possible on Tinder or even in the most pretentious expensive restaurant?

Most golfers are successful businessmen and politicians. The most striking example in the world is US President Donald Trump, who not only plays well himself, but also owns 11 golf courses. Russia is no exception in this sense. Although Vladimir Putin prefers hockey, a very large number of politicians and businessmen are seriously interested in golf.

Technically, golf is not bowling. It will take you about 2-3 months to learn how to play at a decent level. But this complexity has a downside – golf as a sport attracts those people who are ready to make efforts for a long time to achieve a result. Now think about whether you would like to see such qualities in your potential partner (both in your personal life and in business).

It is a rare sport that men and women can play together. Moreover, unlike, for example, tennis, you can only play on equal terms with a very experienced partner. This is achieved through a handicap system where you are given a handicap for a certain number of strokes.
It is the only sport that still has official etiquette. You will not meet people on the field who are poorly dressed or behave indecently, as they can be disqualified for this and even expelled from the club.

You will surely get great pleasure after spending 4-5 hours in nature. Here, it charges not only with natural beauty, but is also maintained with nail care, as the field is cut daily (!), because each blade of grass must be of a certain size and match the color with the rest. And if you are painfully bored with going to the dacha every weekend to fry kebabs with the regularity of an alarm clock, then a day on the course is an excellent replacement.