In fact, golf is the second most popular sport in the world

If you decide to send your child to golf, you will make a huge contribution to his development, not only sports, but also intellect. After all, golf enriches the inner world, develops discipline and helps build relationships with other people. Learn more about the pros and cons of playing golf; For information on how to choose a section and what expenses may be expected, read the article.

At what age should a child start?

Golf helps increase concentration, develops coordination and a sense of balance. All these qualities are necessary to properly hit the ball. The earlier you start the better. If you want to raise a pro player, it’s better to start playing early. Although history knows champions who started their journey at the age of 14-15 and, thanks to the support of loved ones and their hard work, have achieved significant heights.

Medical contraindications

Golf has no strict health restrictions. This is almost the only sport that everyone can do, regardless of age or health. However, there may be some restrictions for children if the child has certain diseases, which can get worse from playing rigorous games.

Pros of doing golf

From the outside it may seem that golf is a sport for the lazy. In fact, this is not so. It’s safe to say that the benefits of golf are enormous.

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Playing this game puts a little quality stress on your heart. As with calorie burning, walking, clubbing, and hitting increase your heart rate, keep it pulsing, and increase blood flow. Which, in the end result, reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol.
Good enough vision is required to see a small round white ball yards away. Golfers learn to focus their vision on a target at great distances, and when the ball is on the tee before the shot, players are given the opportunity to assess their visual acuity while improving hand-eye coordination.
Since golfers get enough physical activity during playing the game, their body gratefully plunges into sleep in the evening to get the necessary and well-deserved recharge. Golfers fall asleep faster, and deep sleep lasts longer and better due to the high amount of energy expended during the day. As we know, deep sleep is essential for the body to regenerate cells, restore muscles and tissues.

The nature of playing golf on courses up to 200 acres requires players to spend extended periods outdoors. Studies have shown that the constant exposure of the body to green spaces relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress and helps in reducing anxiety.
Golf is both an outdoor sport, a hobby and an occasion to hang out with nice people. No wonder playing golf continues to gain popularity in Europe, especially among people over 55 years of age. Researchers recently concluded that older adults who regularly play golf live an average of five years longer.

Cons of doing golf

It doesn’t happen that everything is perfect. Golf also has its downsides. They are associated with swing – a sharp and powerful blow with a stick. Most of the muscles of the body are involved in this movement: from the wrists to the ankles. Their overexertion is fraught with sprains and injuries. Most often, athletes suffer from the lower back, elbow joints, shoulders – the same “weak” places as tennis players.
The only way to avoid damage is to thoroughly warm up and stretch the muscles before playing the game. The warm-up is given at least 10 minutes.
The second unpleasant nuance is associated with sunburn. If a duel with a friend or competition takes place on a hot summer day, it is recommended to bring sunscreen and a hat (baseball cap, peaked hat, wide-brimmed panama hat).

How to choose a section

You can play it both in groups and individually. Golf clubs offer various programs for children or jointly for children and their parents. You can choose programs combined with fitness, where the emphasis is on technology. You can practice on simulators that imitate the rotation of the club and the movement of the ball. The game on such stimulants is often offered by indoor clubs. A spectacular visualization of the course is created, and the movements of the club and ball seem absolutely real.
Go to a trial lesson in several clubs. See what programs are offered, how the coaches conduct classes, how children are playing. Then choose the most comfortable offer for you and apply for membership in the club.
Golf is not just a sport, it is an intellectual game.

According to TopCrop, golf is one of the best and most suitable sports for children. After all, this sport is a good exercise for muscles; concentration and analytical qualities develop; the probability of getting injured while playing the game is very small; little physical activity. All this brings maximum benefit and minimum harm.

There are no strict restrictions in playing this game: it is suitable for children of any gender, weight and age, and has no contraindications. It develops self-discipline and control. No need to worry about putting together a team ahead of time. You can come to play alone, and there are already comrades on the playing field. The only significant disadvantage for some may be the high cost of this sport. Nevertheless, by sending your child to this game, you are taking a big step towards growing up a healthy and worthy person.