Golf is an age-old culture

The golf course consists of 18 holes, which the player must pass within 4-5 hours. His task is to hit the ball into the hole with the help of clubs for the minimum number of strokes. Clubs are supposed to have at least 2 and no more than 14. The complexity of the game is given by zones that differ in the height of the grass and the presence of obstacles. So, for example, there may be water barriers, bunkers, trees and other plants on the field.
An important component is the etiquette of the game. First of all, this is honesty and good manners, which are expressed in a respectful attitude towards opponents, partners, as well as maintaining the rules and order on the field.

golf club

There are three main principles to remember in golf:

  1. Play the field as it is.
  2. Play the ball as it lies.
  3. And if neither is possible, do what is right.

Golf club membership

Golf recreation centers are different, and, accordingly, the cost of membership in it also varies. There are recreation centers where you can play several rounds for a one-time fee, without purchasing an annual subscription, that is, without membership in the recreation center itself. This is ideal for beginners who would like to try a new sport.

There are private clubs that welcome only club members and their guests to play. Members enjoy a high priority in service, certain benefits when booking a game, have individual lockers, as well as the ability to leave sports equipment on the territory of the club.
The recreation centers offer different training programs. You can choose a professional coach, and some recreation centers also represent foreign coaches. Classes can be held both individually and in groups of 2-6 people.

To get started, a beginner needs to choose a coach.
Before entering the field for a full play, you will need to get at least 10 sessions with a professional coach. Classes in groups will cost less.
Coaches often arrange field camps, for example, they make up a group of several people and go to play in warm countries. As practice shows, several days of such training give a good result. This is especially handy when it gets cold.

In golf, appearance is not an excess, but a rule of good form. The dress code on the course indicates respect for the players and compliance with the rules of the golf club. But it is worth noting that each club sets its own standards. Closed fields can dictate not only the type of outfit, but also set their own restrictions in color, the length of socks for men and the length of blouses for women.

Golf equipment you need

The blow itself depends on the quality of the clubs. Selection or club fitting (which means personal selection of recreation centers) of the correct, and most importantly suitable set, allows you to improve the game. It is important to take into account the height of the athlete, the desired weight of the club, and playing skills. Prices depend on the manufacturer. Beginners take simplified options, professionals – complicated, which are more expensive

Golf tournaments for beginners

Beginners can also take part in tournaments. To take part in them, you need to have a handicap. A handicap is a measure of a golfer’s skill: the lower it is, the stronger the player. Handicaps are designed for amateurs, they do not exist in professional golf.
The handicap is calculated according to certain rules, based on the player’s rounds played. Many golf recreation centers will not allow you to play on a course with a handicap that is below the level set by such recreation centers. For women, to play the handicap value should normally be no higher than 36, for men – no higher than 28. The maximum handicap value is set at 54.